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Welcome to AOF

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Welcome to AOF Empty Welcome to AOF

Post  V£×£N Sun May 17, 2009 3:19 pm

Welcome to AOF, a place where fans can gather, share, discuss and find other otaku's, based in Australia.Very Happy
Just because its based in Australia doesnt mean its for Australian's only, no, we welcome all cultures.
How ever there may be some slang and saying only Aussies may get Laughing

I am Furry, your helpful admin and guide.
Please if you have any questions or need some help, don't be scared to give me a pm. Question

The reason this was created was so that fans of the otaku culture could meet together and discuss and share their thoughts, questions, opinions and experiances with other like minded people. Some may ask what an Otaku is?

An Otaku is a person (male OR female) with interests, particularly in anime, manga, and video games.
This place is where these people can share their own mange or anime, or maybe give a review of their thoughts on a particular game.

That is enough for now.
If you have any questions again, pm me or ARTA8SIMS.

Peace out cheers
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