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This season....

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This season.... Empty This season....

Post  Mappy Wed Oct 21, 2009 7:28 pm very average.

However, of the shows I've been able to watch, I'd have to rank how much I've enjoyed watching them, from best to worst: Kobato, Nyan Koi, Kimi no Todoke, Yumeiro Patissiere, Natsu no Arashi: Akinai-chuu, Kiddy Girl-and, Trapeze, 11eyes and Kampfer.

No, I wasn't expecting to like Kobato that much, either. I was a little disappointed with Kimi no Todoke, but not so much that I hate it.... The main character is Sadako in everything but name, after all. And Trapeze.... What. The. Hell. I had high hopes for this show because it is in the noitaminA timeslot previously occupied by Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 and Eden of the East and next to be occupied by Nodame Cantabile: Finale.... The synopsis sounded weird and trippy, and I like weird and trippy shows. However.... This is the most self-indulgent, incoherent pile of random, substance-less rubbish since Oh! Super Milk-chan. What is worse, it is the very definition of "pretentious", a term that gets thrown around by people, these days, for any show that requires people to think and looks easy to troll (like Bakemonogatari, which suffered this fate despite the fact the show was merely another in a long line of Shaft series that were made exactly the same.... all it needed was someone shouting "zetsubou shita" and it would have been The Adventures of Young Zetsubou Sensei). But this show is pretentious because it has pretensions.... of artistic merit and meaning via artistic licence. All I can say is: F U C K them and their pseudo-intellectual wankfest of unfunny humour!

Of course I'm going to watch the other 10 episodes. I need something to keep the RAAAAGE flowing. Cool
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This season.... Empty Re: This season....

Post  ARTA8SIMS Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:07 pm

Trapeze LOL, you like that don't you lol!

BTW 2 more new shows today.
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